Property Search Simplified

Property buying can be stressful and time consuming. Wouldn’t it be easier to put your feet up and relax while all the work is done by a team of experts? Sounds like a dream? Well, now you can get assistance at every step of your property journey, only with OiiOProperty


End to End Assistance

Our service extends beyond just identifying the right property, we go the extra mile to help you with managing your financing, registration and other legalities involved.



Our property advisors are equipped with ground reality, and backed with detailed research that helps you make the right decision when it comes to buying a property.



No more wasted weekends. With our property advisors doing all the research and coordination, all the information you’ll need to take the right decision is available from the convenience of your home.

Assistance At Every Step

You’ll have access to a personalised online account developed exclusively for OiiOProperty customers. What’s more, our expert advisors act as a partners and mentor you through the whole process of purchasing your property.


Personalised Recommendations

Our property advisors use their expertise to recommend properties that best suit your unique needs and preferences. This ensures that you spend time only on properties that match your exact requirements.


On Demand Information

Not only is all relevant information about your recommended properties just a click away, our on-ground teams get any specific additional information that you might need.


Guidance & Evaluation Tools

Compare and evaluate properties using our online tools and waste no time in getting to the right decision. Get expert guidance whenever you require at just the click of a button.


Research & Market Analysis

Our research helps you discover localities that are primed for growth and assess the investment potential of different properties.


Simplify your Search

With all your property information available in one place, and with our dedicated advisors coordinating everything from site visits to paperwork, making an informed decision is all you need to focus on.


Documentation & Due Diligence

You don’t have to break a sweat as our advisors are well versed in all financial and legal aspects of property buying. When required, they even help you get the right professional advice.



Understand You

On signing up for Assisted Property, you get a dedicated property advisor who guides you through your entire property journey. One of the first things our advisors do is to invest time to truly understand your needs and preferences.

Market Search

Having established a thorough understanding of your needs and preferences, our property advisors launch a full search of the market to identify specific properties that are available in the market right now.

Evaluation Shortlisting

On your Assisted Property dashboard, you get to view a tailored list of properties complete with all relevant details, including property pictures and particulars. Our advisors work with you in jointly evaluating and arriving at a final shortlist of properties

Viewing Shortlisted Properties

Once, you’ve finalized on a list of properties, our advisors help coordinate site visits to the shortlisted properties. The evaluation, shortlisting and viewing of properties works in a feedback loop, and keeps going till you decide on the right properties to proceed with.

Beyond Just Finding a Property

Our advisors help you in not just finding the right property, but also in putting together the nuts and bolts of your purchase - from documentation guidance, to financing, to valuation, to legal verification and due diligence, also getting you expert help wherever necessary.